Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Diary: start of first safari with Carolyn a year ago today.

23 Nov 2010 Tuesday
A great start, with driver at Maggie's by 0620, we drove and drove
and drove it seemed endlessly, through people and cars en route to
work. I asked to stop at Thika Falls, the Blue Posts hotel, we had a
coffee and walk – two falls, one changed by cement, the other natural,
water a thick red pool.


Next stop was at a curio place, then Naro Moru
River Lodge which looks wonderful. Blue petals on grass, a conference
on ‘Child Protection’ burbling stream,. And ??? my memories of several
stays there. Pronounce it quickly: ‘Naro Moru River Lodge’!

Next stop Trout Tree, a trout farm with restaurant. Fortunately too
early for lunch, we had a cold beer. I didn’t like it that much, tho'
Carolyn did.. Past the equator sign (I bought a blue kikoi from a girl
with desperation in her eyes). On to Nanyuki, my choice Sportsman’s
Arms, Raphael said it was, yes, the main place in town. It wasn’t very
good! We were very happy though and had another beer.

Our last stop was another curio shop, donation for toilet and CA
bought two necklaces. Long trail (road very good from about Timau) to
Isiolo then Archer’s Post and into park at last. They took my money
usd240 and gave it back! Said no receipt book. Almost at once we saw
gerenuk! And one performed, vertical on hind legs. Oryx, Grevy’s
zebra, reticulated giraffes crossed the road. Elephant! Lots. In
water, and walking between two trucks, including a very young baby,
ignoring us absolutely. Impala, Grant’s gazelle, lilac breasted
roller, vulturine guinea fowl, helmeted guines fowl, African ----- and
small hornbill and finally two lions romping with a warthog carcass.
Not close.

Very tired by arrival at Sopa Lodge but good shower and buffet dinner
after two good wines – they said no insects so we sat outdoors – it
was splendid. I have to admit it is a relief to get away from the
pressure of humanity. The slopes of Timau in one part still look the
same – wonderful large spreads of crops. Green and healthy. Mountain
was clouded. Timau township pretty bad.

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