Saturday, January 30, 2010

Nana's 100th Birthday

We are going to have a little celebration even though she left us at 93. She lives on in our memories! We'll have a few glasses of wine down at the beach, some photos and stories. Bonfire if it isn't too darn cold. We'll take the new, old caravan down with us.

The family are working all daylight hours - till 10pm, carting baleage today. It's Burns Night down at Niagara Hall, such fun, hate to miss it.

Maybe tomorrow - Bluegrass festival at Niagara Falls cafe. Yay!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunshine at last

Four days of sunshine - just as promised by weather gurus.. sea never looked so blue - sky too.. after months of El Nino. We had pancakes - a touch of fresh lime juice adds magic to taste of maple syrup and butter.

The beef cattle are fat, shiny and ready for market.

I put up Michelin maps of Africa, on the wall, yes old-fashioned paper ones - they still have a charm.

A family called Howard from South Africa booked into the Garden House, but they haven't arrived.

We admired the view from a newly-concreted silage floor away out on the sandhills - all done in two days by Thomas, Colin, and Dee who wore out two rakes. So far nearly 300m2, enough for a house and you should see the outlook!