Thursday, June 21, 2012

Shortest day in the southern hemisphere

Shortest day for us here in the deep south - havin' a wonderful
domestic time, been to Heard Island, (furthest away spot on planet
earth!) by internet, chatted to Austin Texas on phone, lunched with
family, lit the fire and baked a cake. Also discovered David Brooks of
USA who writes and talks about human interaction in an entertaining

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A critique of Fonterra's plan to set up an NZX listed fund to trade equity.

About the author of the first report:
Dr. Onno van Bekkum (1969) is a cooperative expert resident in the
Netherlands. He has
researched and consulted cooperatives for 17 years, looking
particularly at ownership
issues. His research database covers over 700 agribusiness
cooperatives in about 40
countries worldwide. After 15 years with Rabobank Nederland and
cooperative institute
NICE at Nyenrode Business University, he started his own company called “CO-OP
Champions” in January 2010. Onno lectures cooperative case studies
(including Fonterra)
in three modules of the Executive MBA in Food & Finance at Nyenrode Business

The second raise many questions to the parliamentary select committee.

Both are worth reading before we vote on this, as Fonterra shareholders.

VanBekkum Fonterra 2nd Vote Report May12 -7-8.pdf Download this file

morrison James report to taf select commee.pdf Download this file

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