Thursday, April 17, 2008

Glamorous bridesmaids and Roasted pumpkin seeds

This was at Amy's wedding in Queenstown, a beautiful day for all of us. Carolyn and Jocelyn were the bridesmaids.

Well yesterday was suddenly pretty cold and there were threatening clouds on the horizon so on went the first of the year's pumpkin soups - yum.. I looked up what to do with the seeds and learned they should be cleaned, boiled, salted and roasted so I did all that, and have been chewing them but they taste mostly of wood (the herb salt is good though!) and are pretty fibrous.

At five am we were all awake with a monster thunder and lightning and hail storm, thoughts of horses and cattle running through fences kept me awake so I tried to watch TV - brave eh? The power finally went off at 0800 and so I spent the morning producing hot water on the gas barbecue .. a waste of time, just an excuse for no housework.. not that one could :) with no water or power.

Thomas's heifers (famous for their nightly stampedes last winter) did indeed burst through a fence, I think all other mobs behaved themselves.

It's a little ironic that winter has arrived with such a vengeance just as we have delivered our woodburner to town for a refit.

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